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The Founder

A Yale World Fellow with a Degree in Public Health from the University of Cincinnati, Biola Alabi has long supported educational and developmental agendas, in both her professional and personal capacity.

Dually raised in Nigeria and the United States, she returned to Nigeria in 2008. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to promote continuous development of African television industry.

As Managing Director of M-Net Africa, Alabi brought her business perspective and creative insights forward to impact one of Africa's biggest entertainment companies. Leading the organization's African expansion, her achievements included Big Brother Africa, Face of Africa and the creation of TV channels in Swahili, Hausa and Yoruba.

She led the ambitious multi-channel expansion of the Africa Magic brand into eight customized channels. Passionate about African film and TV, she also developed and launched the inaugural AfricaMagic Viewers' Choice Awards.

Alabi is motivated by the belief that potential can become reality if given opportunity. She implemented initiatives at M-Net Africa that promoted skill sharing and training, including master-classes promoting technical skills (camera, light and audio) and workshops designed to grow people's knowledge of best practice processes.

Additionally, Alabi was able to focus on, and grow, the global footprint of the renowned "Sesame Street" children's show. This landmark show incorporates learning and teaching elements into its acclaimed format.

Having been afforded opportunities for advanced studies at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and Yale University's Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, Alabi became passionate about creating and supporting opportunities for young Africans. She seeks to help develop their careers by providing structured and meaningful engagements with industry leaders. Alabi was inspired to found the Grooming for Greatness initiative through which she wishes to pay forward the opportunities she has been fortunate enough to receive. Commenting on her motivation in establishing the program, this World Economic Forum participant, Young Global Leader says, "I have been deeply committed to establishing the Grooming for Greatness concept for some time now because it is clear to me that Africans who have achieved success also have a great responsibility to help groom the next generation in whichever way we can. No matter how large or small the scale of these development engagements are, we must implement them and try our absolute best to create value with them. The Grooming for Greatness networking and mentorship aspects have been designed to integrate with what young people have experienced in the workplace and what they have learned at tertiary institutions. It is my fervent hope that Grooming for Greatness will provide the necessary leadership skills to aspiring youth and help them to navigate their way to greater, more influential, more impactful positions." Further, Alabi emphasizes that she is focused on ensuring that powerful youth voices become more entrenched and embraced across the growing African business landscape.

Currently the Managing Partner of Biola Alabi Media Consulting, Alabi was named 2013 AABLA West African Business Woman of the Year and was listed as one of the 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa by Forbes Magazine. She currently sits on the board of the Africa Democratic Institute (ADI) as its vice- chair. She previously served as a fellow at the Nigeria Leadership Initiative, and was a board member at Hospitals for Humanity.