Embracing personal greatness

Our flagship program

The goal of this program is to cultivate leadership in young, aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs. We seek to develop an African platform for individuals who recognize the challenges and opportunities inherent in embracing personal greatness on this continent.

Grooming For Greatness is passionate about the next generation of African leadership and is committed to its development and success.

By joining this initiative, Fellows gain confidence, build relationships, and expand their professional networks. We anticipate that these rising corporate and commercial stars will rise to their potential and consequently significantly benefit the African people.

Program Description

At the heart of the Grooming for Greatness program is the conviction that with the right information and insight, a mentor, and access to African leaders who epitomize outstanding success, Fellows can create a compelling vision for themselves and begin to expand that vision forward. Napoleon Hill, considered one of the great writers on topic of success, said, "The starting point of all achievement is desire." Our Fellows have a passion to lead and a desire to meet their fullest potential.

Individuals accepted into the Grooming for Greatness program receive an unparalleled year of training, mentorship, and personal and professional development that aids them in assuming leadership roles across Africa.

Program Rollout

This is a yearlong syllabus commencing with a 3-day engaging leadership program. During engagement, a group of no more than 12 handpicked Fellows are guided through a curated program of workshops, one on one leadership development, and ongoing mentoring. Modalities are designed to complement each other in a synergistic approach to development training. Engagements are designed to give Fellows real value in a learning environment that is committed to building confidence while laying the foundation for positive achievement.

Subjects addressed during the year will include:

Additionally, ongoing one on one mentoring will be an intricate feature of the program.

Program Status

With the help of development and empowerment organizations, the program is currently recruiting its second class in Lagos, Nigeria. The Inaugural class has paved way for this initiative, expanded in partnership with forward thinking corporations and organizations that share its vision.